Rope Access Work at Julian Markham, London - A Closer Look 

Tall structures, especially in big cities like London, aren't just exposed to regular wear and tear. They confront numerous challenges, from urban pollution to changing weather patterns. These factors can subtly but surely impact the facade, which can lead to deteriorations if not checked and maintained regularly. 

Why Julian Markham Needed Our Help 

In February, a top roofing contractor turned to us for help with a unique challenge at Julian Markham in London. The task: perform a facade survey and take detailed measurements using our rope access know-how. 
The job began as a week-long project. Using rope access techniques, we started with a visual inspection, ensuring no detail was missed. Accurate measurements from challenging positions were next on the list, highlighting the versatility and skills of our team using ropes to access all areas.  
Each step of our work at the Julian Markham building required precision, which is no mean feat! Rope access allowed us to take exact measurements and provide thorough documentation. This detailed approach ensured the client had a clear picture of the building's facade and it's condition. 

From a Preliminary Survey to Continued Commitment 

You might think that after submitting a report, our job was done! However, at Total Services (UK) Ltd, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring buildings are not just inspected but also maintained to the highest standards. The findings from our initial survey led to numerous revisits to Julian Markham. Our mission was clear - to rectify the defects and elevate the building to meet both safety and aesthetic standards. Every trip back was an opportunity to remedy and enhance the exterior of the building, ensuring all repairs and maintenance were completed to a high standard. 

Reflections on the Julian Markham Journey 

Our journey with Julian Markham highlights the importance of external building maintenance. It’s not a one-time effort. Buildings need continuous care and maintenance, especially when located in areas exposed to urban challenges and city pollution. 
Through rope access techniques, we can offer Julian Markham consistent, precise, and high-quality building maintenance services. Rope access allows us to reach places on a building's facade that aren't easily accessed. Each job adds value, ensuring the building stands tall and remains proud and resilient against the harsh elements. 

Rope access services for building maintenance 

This project showcases the importance of dedication, expertise, and a commitment to our rope access and building maintenance skills. Whilst the initial call began with a week-long survey, it evolved into an ongoing job of maintaining the building's integrity and appearance. At Total Services (UK) Ltd, our goal remains consistent: to deliver top-tier service, foster strong relationships, and ensure buildings like Julian Markham's stand strong and look their best for years to come. 

Over a decade of Rope Access Services for building maintenance in Kent & London 

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