Bird Netting at Lancaster Gate London: Keeping Pigeons at Bay 

Pest Control Bird Netting Services in London 

It's a familiar sight for those living in or around high-rise buildings: pigeons perched on ledges, making themselves quite comfortable, often much to the dismay of the residents.  
While these birds may seem harmless, they can lead to various concerns, from the noise to the constant droppings that can harm beautiful facades.  
The residents of Lancaster Gate, known for its blend of modern and classic architecture, found themselves in this very situation, looking for a solution that would keep the pigeons at bay without hampering the aesthetic of their beloved area.  
They turned to us to find a solution. 

The Pigeon Predicament 

Anyone who’s dealt with pigeons knows that these birds, once they find a spot they like, can be quite stubborn and are quick to settle in. High-rise buildings, with their numerous ledges and spots to perch, are like luxurious hotels for pigeons. And whilst for some, it's lovely to watch them from afar, up close they can be a bit of a nuisance. Beyond the obvious – the cooing and the droppings – there are also health concerns related to the droppings and the potential damage they can inflict on building materials over time. 

Rope Access Action 

Recognising the challenge at hand, our expert rope access team at Total Services, swung into action. We knew we needed an approach that was both effective and discreet. After all, no one wants their building covered in obvious netting. The task was executed over a few days, ensuring that the solution was both efficient and in line with the elegant look and feel of Lancaster Gate. 

End Result 

Thanks to the collaboration between our client, a prominent Pest Control company, and our skilled team, Lancaster Gate’s pigeon problem is a thing of the past. The building is protected from future bird problems and residents can now enjoy their lovely views without any feathery interruptions. 

Over a decade of Work At Height Services in Kent & London for Rope Access and Jetting Services. 

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